Server Rules


It's crucial for every player to consistently adhere to the server rules, as these regulations have been carefully put in place to create a secure environment and promote an equitable gameplay experience for all members on Earthify.

1. Hacked clients, Server Exploits, Alternative Accounts

1.1 Hacking, Modifications, Exploits, Alternative Accounts

The aforementioned but not limited to macro keys and other modifications which give the player unfair gameplay advantages are strictly forbidden. Players found breaking this rule will receive a permanent ban without any exception. Excluded client modifications:

  • Performance enhancement mods such as Sodium/Lithium/

  • Visual adjustments e.g. HUD Mod

  • Minimap unless it provides more info than dynmap does.

  • Cosmetical/Aesthetical client modifications.

  • Litematica is allowed, Printer is forbidden.

1.2 Alternative Accounts

Alternative accounts or "alts" are not permitted. Each player should use only one account. Violating this rule will result in a ban for alternative accounts and a warning for the main account. A repeated breach will lead to a ban on the main account. Contact server staff if you need to switch your main account.

1.3 Assisting Rule Violations

Players knowingly aiding or benefiting from others breaking server rules may be treated as if they committed the violation themselves.

1.4 Exploiting Technical Issues

Taking advantage of server bugs or exploiting technical oversights is not allowed. Players doing so without notifying staff may face a permanent ban.

2. Player Conduct and Communication Guidelines

2.1 Land/Nation Naming Nation names should:

  • Names must exist or have existed, not be fictional.

  • Names should relate to a region, province, or significant geographical area with distinct borders.

  • Names must match the map location of the nation's capital.

Land names should be free from inappropriate, toxic, or offensive content.

Usernames, nicknames, skins, and other visible naming should avoid explicit, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate content.

2.2 Stealing and Raiding

Raiding, stealing from other players, and even attempting to scam in-game currency are allowed. Remember, the world can be tough, but so is Earthify!

2.3 Spam and flooding chat

Sending disruptive messages that interrupt chat flow, such as repetitive messages, is not allowed.

2.4 Unwanted Behavior Prohibited behaviors include:

  • Harassment and Offensive Language

  • Inappropriate Content and Discussions

  • Incitement of Violence

  • Offensive Speech

  • Cyberbullying

Toxic behavior is assessed case by case, and staff has the final say. Repeated offenses may result in warnings, mutes, or permanent bans.

2.5 Impersonation

Impersonating other players, lands, or nations using usernames, nicknames, or land/nation names is not allowed. Offenders will be asked to revert to their proper character, and damage may result in a ban.

2.6 AFK Time

AFK (Away From Keyboard) time should not exceed 15 minutes. Engaging in activities to bypass automatic disconnection will be addressed by our staff. Please be aware that we have systems in place to detect such attempts.

2.7 Sharing Personal Information

Sharing personal information of others without explicit permission is forbidden. This includes full names, real-life photos, phone numbers, addresses, social networks, school/work details, family relations, and IP addresses.

Leveraging personal information in a threatening or manipulative manner is also prohibited.

Malicious links, such as viruses or IP loggers, are not allowed. Links contributing to rule violations are prohibited. Links to sexual or extremely violent/disturbing content are not allowed. Other links are permitted, though they may trigger the spam filter.

2.9 Advertising

Advertising is only allowed if it's related to the server.

2.10 Selling Content and Services

Selling in-game items or services for real-life money, or vice versa, is not allowed.

3. Griefing

3.1 Preservation of Claims

Players are prohibited from damaging land within or around claims (griefing). Violators will receive warnings, and any inflicted damage will be rolled back. Repeated offenses may lead to a permanent ban. During siege war events, placing and removing blocks is allowed as necessary within the context of the conflict.

Examples of griefing include, but are not limited to:

  • Cobble monsters – Structures resembling mountains by strategically combining lava and water

  • Lava/water curtains – Placing rows of lava/water in the sky to create a wall of falling lava.

  • Mass spawning entities within or around a town (chickens, boats, etc.).

3.2 Wilderness Etiquette

Wilderness, defined as any unclaimed land, allows players to grief structures or terrain, provided they are not within or in close proximity to a claimed area. Major terrain grief in the wilderness may be rolled back upon player request.

Breaking railways or ice roads is prohibited, even in the wilderness, when willingly connecting two existing lands. This rule applies to all blocks making up the railroad.

3.3 Specific Block Theft

Taking valuable blocks is allowed and not considered grief. However, this doesn't include easily obtainable blocks, even if they're valuable.

3.4 Land Claim Guidelines

Lands claiming in a way that restricts neighboring lands' expansion, known as claim blocking, is not allowed. Creating claim arms extending from lands is also prohibited, as it can block the settlement and expansion of other lands. Landsmust not have areas of unclaimed chunks within their borders to artificially increase their size without legitimately expanding their claim limit.

3.5 Map Art Guidelines

While crafting map art is permitted, it must not disrupt other Lands. Ensure the designated area is claimed, as it could be deemed proximity griefing if neighboring landsexpress disapproval.

3.6 Limitations on Major Terraforming

To maintain the map's accurate geography, substantial alterations to the natural terrain through major terraforming are prohibited. Any modifications impacting the Dynmap view of the natural landscape will be reversed. However, vertical terraforming is permissible as long as it does not influence the Dynmap view.

3.7 Villagers & Trading

  1. Disabled AI Feature: In trading halls, an enabled feature disables the AI of villagers when they're being used for trading. This ensures smoother and more efficient trading experiences without unnecessary distractions or movements from the villagers.

  2. Limit on Active Villagers: There is a strict limit of 10 active villagers allowed at your base. This limit has been set to maintain server performance and prevent overcrowding of villagers. Exceeding this limit will result in the removal of the villagers as well as a player warning.

  3. Mob Catchers: To manage your villagers efficiently, you are encouraged to use mob catchers. These devices capture villagers and store them safely in chests until they are needed for trading or other purposes. Mob catchers help in organizing villagers and prevent them from wandering around your base unnecessarily.

  4. Compliance Requirement: It is mandatory to comply with these rules regarding the management of villagers. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the removal of excess villagers from your base. This is to ensure fairness, maintain server performance, and promote a positive gameplay experience for all users.

By following these guidelines, we aim to create a balanced and enjoyable environment for all players while utilizing villagers for trading and other activities within the game.

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