All resource worlds – the Overworld Dimension, Nether Dimension, and EndDimension – are reset every 14 days. Any structures, bases, or stored items will be COMPLETELY WIPED without recovery. Build your permanent structures only in the Earth World.

🌍 SAFE ZONE FOR BUILDING: The Earth World is the only place where building is intended and your creations will persist.

👁️ REMEMBER: When you're in a resource world, an indicator will display on the right side of your screen to remind you of the world you're currently in.

Please take this warning seriously to avoid any loss of progress or valuable resources. Your adventure and hard work are important to us!

Resource Worlds Overview

In our game, we provide players with three distinct resource worlds, each offering unique materials and challenges. Here is a brief overview of each:

Overworld Dimension | Worldborder 3x3k | Reset Every: 14 Days

  • Description: This is the standard world where players start their adventure. It features a variety of biomes, each with its own set of resources.

  • Resources: Wood, stone, ores, and various plants and animals.

  • Challenges: Day-night cycle with hostile mobs spawning at night or in dark areas.

Nether Dimension | Worldborder 3x3k | Reset Every: 14 Days

  • Description: A hell-like dimension characterized by fire, lava, and unique terrains.

  • Resources: Nether quartz, glowstone, and rare netherite.

  • Challenges: Hostile mobs such as Ghasts and Blazes, dangerous terrain and the constant threat of lava.

EndDimension | Worldborder 3x3k | Reset Every: 14 Days

  • Description: A dark, space-like dimension consisting of floating islands.

  • Resources: End stone, chorus fruit, and the rare Shulker boxes.

  • Challenges: The Ender Dragon boss fight, Endermen mobs, and void hazards.

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