What is premium?

Premium is a subscription-based paid rank that contributes to funding the server and its development. Your support enables hundreds of other players to enjoy the game for free! Our store does not offer progression-based products. Coins, the in-game currency, can only be earned through events and daily voting, making it impossible to purchase them with real money. Premium offers various convenient features to enhance your experience on Earthify.

Premium features

  • Tab Priority: Stand out in the player list with a higher tab priority, making your presence more noticeable.

  • Custom Nickname Gradient: Personalize your nickname by applying a unique gradient, adding a touch of individuality to your in-game identity.

  • Username Change: Easily modify your username using the /nick command, allowing for quick and hassle-free changes.

  • Chestshop Control: Manage chest shops efficiently by assigning staff using the /qs staff command, ensuring smoother operation.

  • Private Vault Access: Enjoy the convenience of a private virtual chest accessible through /vault, providing a secure space for your belongings.

  • mcMMO Parties: Create and oversee mcMMO parties using /party, facilitating coordination and teamwork among party members.

  • Player Glow: Stand out visually with a distinctive blue player glow surrounding your character, making you easily recognizable.

  • Early Access: Get the privilege of being among the first to experience new features and updates, staying ahead of the curve.

  • Private Discord Channel: Access a dedicated premium channel on our Discord server, fostering a more exclusive and tailored communication space.

  • Hat Equipability: Showcase your style by wearing any item as a hat using /hat, adding a fun and creative element to your appearance.

  • Mystery Crates: Enjoy the excitement of receiving 5 mystery crates every month, providing a monthly dose of surprise rewards and items.

  • And plenty of other features!

Premium Commands



Equip any item as a hat.

/nick [name] & /nonick

Change your nickname to something else.

/qs staff add [player]

Hire staff for your item shops

/qs staff remove [player]

Remove a staff member from your shop

/qs staff clear

Remove all staff from your shop at once


Receive a blue color name on discord


Personal digital vault to store items


See when your friends was last seen


Create mcMMO parties, share XP with friends

/dynmap hide

Hide yourself from the dynmap


Check all color codes to use on signs

Purchase premium

Want to buy premium? Click here!

The price is in EUR since we're located in Europe. The one-month option and three-month option are both subscriptions which can be cancelled through your PayPal dashboard or by clicking the cancellation link in the payment confirmation e-mail. If you have any trouble doing so, we can also manually stop your subscription. Feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket on the discord.

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