Lands Guide

How to get started!

Lands is our unique claiming system on Earthify, allowing users to protect specific plots of land from others who might build on them. This ensures that users can maintain ownership and control over their chosen territories within our virtual world. With Lands, users have two options to pick from, giving them flexibility and control over their virtual landscapes.

Option One

Once you've amassed sufficient coins, you can craft your own territory. Creating land requires 8 Coins. Once you possess the necessary coins, simply input /lands create name and the chunk you're occupying, along with the eight adjacent chunks, will be designated and annexed to your land!

Option Two

You have the opportunity to seek out individuals who already possess land and inquire about the possibility of joining their territory, thus becoming part of their community and sharing in their resources and benefits.

Claiming restrictions

  • When a land is created, it gains the ability to claim up to 64 Chunks, providing users with an expansive 128x128 sized area to oversee and develop.

  • When users join your land, it expands by an additional 48 chunks available for claiming, encouraging collaboration and teamwork. However, initiating your own land is always an option for those who prefer independence.




Open the menu.

/lands help [page]

Inform yourself of plugin usage.

/lands claim

Claim chunks.

/lands claim auto

Claim chunks while walking.

/lands create

Create land.

/lands map

Show lands map.

/lands accept/deny <land>

Accept or deny an invite.

/lands delete

Delete your land.

/lands edit

Enter edit mode for this land.

/lands leave

Leave a land.

/lands menu

Open lands GUI.

/lands spawn

Set spawn for land.

/lands top

Show top ten alnds.

/lands trust

Trust a player from your land.

/lands untrust

Untrust a player from your land.

/lands unclaim

Unclaim a single chunk

/lands unclaimall

Unclaim all chunks for the land

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