How can I join?

You can join Earthify with the IP adress:

Detailed Join Instructions

  1. Launch Minecraft Java Edition.

  2. Select "Multiplayer."

  3. Click "Add server."

  4. Change the "Server Name" to Earthify.

  5. Enter in the "Server Address" field.

  6. Earthify is now added to your server list.

  7. Double click or click once and select "Join Server"


You must have a premium minecraft account to join Earthify these be acquired from the following official instance Earthify will never support non official minecraft instances (Cracked Accounts) to join our community.


Are you experiencing issues while attempting to join our server?

  • Restart your Launcher, this can often fix problems right away.

  • Use a Minecraft Java Edition account; we don't support Bedrock.

  • Verify that you have a stable network connection.

  • Check the availability of mojangs authentication services.

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