Introduction to ChestShops

ChestShops offer a seamless way to engage in trade with other players within a game environment. These user-friendly stores function by allowing players to either sell or purchase goods using a simple setup involving a chest. To sell items, a player fills a chest with the desired merchandise. To buy items, the chest is left empty, ready to receive goods from sellers. Transactions are carried out using coins as the currency, making the buying and selling process both swift and straightforward.

Creating Your ChestShop

Setting up your own ChestShop is an uncomplicated process. Here's how you can begin trading with fellow players:

  1. Secure a spot within the shopping area and place your chest.

  2. Decide on the item you're looking to sell and hold it in your hand.

  3. With the item in hand, left-click on the chest.

  4. Input the amount of coins you're seeking for the item directly into the chat.

  5. Lastly, deposit the items for sale into the chest to stock up your shop.

Tips for ChestShop Management

  • Ensure your chest is well-stocked with items you're selling. If the sign attached to your shop turns red, it means you're out of stock.

  • If you're aiming to sell items in large quantities, it's advisable to set up a double chest shop which offers increased storage capacity.

  • When setting up pricing, bear in mind that the minimum price you can set is one coin for 64 items. Selling prices should be gauged according to this baseline.

Shop Commands Overview

To efficiently manage your ChestShop, utilize the following commands:


/qs buy

Adjust your shop to buying items

/qs sell

Adjust your shop to selling items

/qs price

Adjust the shop price

/qs size

Adjust the bulk amount

/qs staff add [player]

Assign users as staff to your shop

/qs staff remove [player]

Revoke permission to a staff of your shop

/qs staff clear

Revoke permissions of all staff of your shop

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